The Egg Waffle 

The egg waffle is one of the most beloved street snacks originating from Hong Kong, also known as egg pancakes in Taiwan. It is made by baking a batter of eggs, sugar, flour, and evaporated milk between two pieces of honeycomb-shaped iron mold. 
The egg waffle was born in the 1950s. A certain sundry shop owner, unwilling to throw away broken eggs, tried mixing them with flour, butter, and other ingredients and baking the batter in a mold. Later, the mold was re-designed into shapes of small eggshells. To his surprise, the snack proved to be a great hit! In the past, people also made egg waffles with duck eggs, since they were cheaper than chicken eggs and had a rather different taste. Traditionally, hawkers would sell egg waffles on food trolleys alongside the streets 
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